FRIENDS Bowling League 2019-20 – Restart

The Club Board announces the reopening of theFRIENDS BOWLING LEAGUE 2019-20 Championship on Monday, 6th of July 2020.

After last night’s Captains meeting, we discussed and finalized all details regarding the restarting of the league.

During the games, the regulations and decrees on protection and prevention measures announced by the Ministry of Health will be strictly observed.

Therefore, during the official matches, only those athletes declared on the Match Score Sheet and F.B.A. officials,  who will be responsible for the games, will have the right to attend the field. The presence of spectators is prohibited.


The Management of GALACTICA Entertainment has taken all necessary hygiene measures in order to ensure the best and at the same time the safe quality of the products but above all, the health and protection of everyone.

Dinos Sofocleous

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