Jason Belmonte / Player of the Year 2022

“What an honour to have now equalled the living legend Walter Ray Williams Jr with 7 Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Player of the Year awards. 2022 was an incredible year for me.

Winning the first event of the season, my 14th Major in the Players Championship, it set the tone for the entire year. 5 titles (the most I have won in a single season), the leader in most statistical categories and to roll my 2nd perfect game on TV was a script for the year I couldn’t have written better if I tried.

I continue to push myself in every off-season and awards like these are the reasons why I do it. I‘m not there yet… but I want to be the greatest player to ever lace up bowling shoes!

My goal to be the GOAT can only be realised one day because of a team of people around me that helps. In 2022 the people around me were so impactful to my success.

My family…

Kimberly, Aria, Hugo, Sylvie and Bowie. Mum and Dad and my sister Bec’s family.

Your love for me helps me survive the long trips away. Your love helps me handle the ups and downs of the emotional roller coaster of bowling for a living. I’m lucky to have you and so thankful for everything you do for me while away. ❤️

My friends…

The daily texts of love, humour and support of me remind me how lucky I am to have mates who will always have my back. Thank you!

Storm Bowling…

The most sincere thank you to Bill and Barbara Chrisman, Dave Symes, Gary Hulsenberg and of course my tour reps Shawn Ryan and Jimmy Callahan.

STORM was rocked this year with decisions that hurt us, deeply. It was a hard year.

This award I win for the entire company. From the ones who turn the lights on at the warehouse to the ones who package the balls up to be shipped and everyone in between.

This award is for Storm. Thank you for your unwavering support of me. I will repay you with a further dedication to my craft and will work harder than ever to give back to the company that has given so much to me.

My additional sponsors CoolWick, 3G Bowling Shoes and Vise Inserts. Everything you support me with helps so much for me to do what I love as well as I do it. Thank you.

Thank you to the PBA for giving us pros such a great platform to perform on. It’s a privilege to bowl on a tour that’s not taken for granted at all.

And last but not least to every single fan I have.

After a slower 2021, it was you who showed your support through email, comments, shares online and cheers, handshakes and hugs in person.

Know that when I roll the ball, every strike is my way to thank you. You helped greatly in raising the King again. I intend to strike a while more for you in 2023!

Congratulations to the other players nominated and I look forward to competing against you again in 2023. I can’t wait. ”

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